These links are related to my private, associative or academic activities.


  • University of Technology of Belfort Montbeliard

  • The UTBM, is where I completed my master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design.

  • Napier University

  • Napier University is where I got my Bachelor in Polymer Engineering with honours.

  • IUT de Chambery

  • This is where I got my two year university diploma in material science and engineering, and in the same time of my bachelor I got my International Technical Diploma with honours.


  • Socboarding

  • I am founder and secretary of a downhill sport association and webmaster of its website. We manage to organise few freerides every year at Le Bourget du Lac. A freeride involves closing a road with the agreement of the authorities, in order to provide a safe and controlled area for the practice of downhill road sports.

  • Zenith

  • This club is part of the student union of the University of Technology of Belfort-Monbeliard. I was the team manager for my last year (2010) and in charge of the design and the manufacture of the composite parts (chassis, side wall...).


  • Vestas

  • I am working as Composite Design Engineer at Vestas in Lem St, Denmark.

  • Talon

  • Talon Technology Pty is the host of my graduating internship for my master degree in mechanical engineering and design. This company is responsible for many advancements in composite design and manufacture, Talon has worked in an array of industries including sport, marine, defense, furniture, medical and infrastructure, and is accredited with many world firsts.

  • Premix

  • Premix is the company where I am doing my internship, it's specialised in composite material compounds and products.

  • ENSAM institut of Chambery

  • Research institut where I did a placement as a technician specialised in materials.